At Valley Oak, we know our property management services are some of the best in the Central Valley of California. We understand the Modesto rental market and we effectively manage properties throughout Stanislaus County. We’re ready to talk to you about how to make the most of your investment; how to bring in more rent and attract high quality tenants and raise the value of your asset. If you’d like to talk about how to get more out of your property, please contact us and we’ll share some ideas for how our management services can make you more successful.

Often, landlords and investors will ask us about costs before anything else is discussed. Remember that the question for Modesto landlords isn’t really “how much does it cost?” but rather “how much can I save?” Professional property management services essentially pay for themselves. We make you more money, we protect you from liability and we ensure your property is being maintained and cared for while high quality tenants are in place.

But we know budgets are important. So, we invite you to fill out this form to request a free property management proposal. We’ll give you a quoted price and let you know what you get in exchange for that management fee. Remember that property management companies structure their fees and costs differently. Don’t compare dollars only – you want to compare the kinds and quality of service you’re getting for your fee.

To get your quote, fill out some basic contact information and give us a few details about your property. Tell us everything you can about its size, location and condition so we can provide you with the most accurate property management quote. At Valley Oak, we look forward to learning about your property and sharing the services we can provide.